Tweed Garnet Flower Hat | Chemo Hairloss Alopecia Beanie for Girls


A special, stretch tweed hat with a cluster of Garnet Red flowers! This Snugar hat is embellished with a rich cluster of garnet red, soft beige, and pale pink flowers. A bit of lace and soft velvet leaves add a truly vintage touch to this little girls hat. Made in the USA by Snugars!



Custom made in the USA by Snugars! Full coverage Chemo alopecia Beanies and Hats for toddlers and girls ages 0-12 experiencing hair loss or thinning. Ultra Soft and comfortable! Feminine fit. Lightweight and breathable!

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Small(0-6 months), Medium (6-12), Large (1-3 years), XL (3-12 years)