Glory’s Emoji Face Masks


Because you will feel better stepping out with a bit of protection over your face and will add a smile to everyone’s day with an Emoji! Glory’s essential face mask is cool and comfortable and offers a bit more coverage than standard masks. Made from the loveliest, breezy cottons with a fun Emoticon touch added to each Face Mask. Soft elastics secures facial mask over the ears. Hand wash. Lay flat to dry. Wash and re-wear! 5 Emojis to choose from. MADE IN USA!



Face Mask Sizing Guide

Please note: No claims are made by Glory Wraps or Garlands of Grace LLC that this product will actually protect against, prevent, treat or cure any illness.

Health and Wellness Emoji Face mask, Washable, Made from Cotton,  Made in USA, Earloop color may slightly very but always coordinate

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Small, Medium, Large


Heart Eyes Emoji, Kissy Face Emoji, Nerd Face Emoji, Winking Face Emoji, Laughing Face Emoji