Your Face Mask Feedback means so much!!

Made in usa Face Masks Non-medical for sale

Here at Glory Wraps, customer feedback is such a huge blessing to us! Face Mask customer Ashley E. added a huge smile to our work day with her sweet note. She says:

“Today, as I was leaving for work, my 75 year old father sheepishly asked if I had an extra mask. I had bought the first round of triple layer masks for myself and a coworker. I had one to spare. I wasn’t sure it would fit, but even the ladies size worked on him! Thank you for these. They are so nice and well made.”

Thank you so much, Ashley! Ashley purchased the 3-ply Gauze: Glory’s Strength Face Mask 3 pack. Made from soft Gauze solids sure to coordinate with your standard uniforms and daily work attire. Soft elastics secures facial mask over the ears. Fully Lined with cotton stretch! Washable, Reusable, Comfortable. And as always, Glory Wraps Face Masks are made in the USA!

Non-medical Face masks for business and corporate, made in usa, reusable,

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